“I'll have you there quicker than you can say 'Piccadilly Circus!'”
―Dilly to Thomas and Annie

A Visit to London for Thomas the Tank Engine, also titled as London's Calling Thomas the Tank Engine, is a special book to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday.


The Fat Controller has been invited to the Queen's birthday celebrations, far from the Island of Sodor, in the biggest city in the land, London. And what better engine to take him there than Thomas the Tank Engine.

A delighted Thomas makes the long journey to London where he is put on a barge and taken down the Thames seeing Tower Bridge, St Paul's, The Shard, Parliament and many other landmarks along the way. It's a very proud day for the little blue engine in the big city!



  • Dan Crisp provides the endpaper illustrations.
  • Two real life Vehicles are seen in this book: Cutty Sark and a Eurostar.
  • On the 28th of February 2018, this book was read on Milkshake! as part of a segment celebrating World Book Day. It was told by "the Fat Controller" and Milkshake! presenter Jen. It was subsequently uploaded to Milkshake!'s YouTube channel.