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“Who put this here?”
―Monty crashing into the lightning tree

A Tale for Thomas, originally titled The Lightning Tree, is a Jack and the Sodor Construction Company episode, released on Thomas' Trusty Friends.


Thomas is taking Jack and Alfie to the forest to stop a large old tree from falling after being struck by lightning. But as the machines make their way towards the tree, Max and Monty carelessly race around the forest and crash into the tree, causing it to start falling. Alfie, Oliver and Kelly hold the tree up while Jack goes to Thomas for the props. He returns in time and the tree is saved.




  • A working title for this episode was "The Lightning Tree," although that title is listed on Virgin TV Anytime's website.
  • This is the first episode on the Australian and UK DVD, Thomas' Trusty Friends but is not first in its original filming.
  • This marks the only appearance of The Lightning Tree in the spin-off Jack and the Pack to date.


  • In the close up of Thomas after Jack leaves with the props, there is a small hole above his left buffer, and his lamp appears to be damaged.
  • In the opening shot, two lights can been reflecting off James' livery.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Dutch Een Verhaal voor Thomas
German Eine Geschichte für Thomas

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