“I've had enough of all your tittle tattle...and I'd rather do my chatting with a herd of highland cattle!”
―Sir Handel

A Special Story About Sir Handel is a rhyming magazine story.


Sir Handel, Patrick and Culdee are arguing about whose turn it is to pull coal trucks. They tell Sir Handel that it is his turn to take them and Sir Handel is not happy. The little engine tells his friends that he would rather chat to a herd of highland cattle than them. Sir Handel's driver thinks his engine has made a silly choice.

Later on, Sir Handel gets his chance to chatter to some highland cattle when the bothersome beasts block his track.



  • Sir Handel, Culdee and Patrick are portrayed as standard gauge engines.
  • Culdee and Patrick both have buffers.
  • Culdee's boiler is flat when it should be angled downward.