"Bless you!”
―Toby and Thomas

A New Shed for Toby is a magazine story, illustrated using photographs from the television series.


It is a wet and windy day on Sodor as Thomas meets up with Toby who is sneezing. He explains that his shed roof is leaking and he has come down with a cold as a result. Thomas tells the Fat Controller who orders a new shed, but Toby is not happy. He says that he will miss the birds who flew through the holes in the roof to make their nests.

Thomas had not thought of the birds; after all, Toby's shed was their home, too. As Thomas puffs along, he passes a farm and sees a white dovecote. He rushes away to collect timber and tiles for the new shed. Thomas asks the workmen not to throw away the old wood as they can use it.

When Toby's new shed is finished, Thomas asks the workmen to make a little build-house from all the old wood. Toby is delighted to be dry and in his new, smart shed and best of all, are his new bird neighbours.