A Home for Salty is a magazine story.


One cold day, Salty rumbles past the warm engine shed and mutters. This prompts Thomas to enquire if he has a shed at the docks. It turns out that Salty does not; he stands outside in the cold all night. Salty is busy all that day and the Fat Controller tells him he can have a treat of his choice. The following day, Salty sets off to collect a load of railway lines. On the way, he spots a cave in the cliffs. He thinks it would make a good home, if he could get access to it. As his treat, Salty asks if the rails can be laid from the cave to the dockside line. The Fat Controller thinks it is a splendid idea. The track is soon complete and Salty has a place of his own to sleep at night.



  • In the first, second, and final illustrations, Salty is seen letting off steam.