“There's a tickly, wriggly sort of feeling in my tank!"
"Shh! I'm trying to sleep!"”
―James and Thomas

A Frog in his Throat! is a magazine story.


As James passes the canal, he complains that he is feeling thirsty. James' driver tells him that he will have to wait as there are no water towers around, but James insists that he cannot wait and decides he can drink some of the canal water. His driver reluctantly agrees but tells James not to complain to him if he suffers from a tummy ache.

That evening, James feels peculiar and complains of a tickly feeling in his tank. A few minutes later, there is a loud croaking noise which wakes everyone up. James thinks he has hiccups, but Thomas thinks it sounds more like a frog. Just then, a frog pops out of James' funnel. James realises that he must have swallowed some wriggly tadpoles and baby frogs when he drank the canal water. Thomas tells James that he will have to have his tank drained.



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