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A Day at the Races is a video game developed and published by Blast Entertainment for the PlayStation 2 with its EyeToy Camera support in 2006 in Europe and Australia.


Join Thomas and his friends in ten all-new, fun, and exciting mini-games. Use the Eye Toy USB camera to put yourself in the game and control the action. Enjoy a brand new story, featuring Thomas, James, the Fat Controller, and all your other favourite Thomas the Tank Engine characters.



  • Match the Face
  • Engine Painting
  • Loading Coal



  • Some of the scenes from the actual television series are mirrored.
  • In one minigame, when Thomas approaches a set of points, his front wheels derail briefly before they go back on the rails. This is because Thomas acts like a sprite throughout the minigame, and the camera angle in front of him changes each time he changes track sections.
  • In the racing minigame, Toby has another face on his rear end.


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