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A Circus Comes to Town is a live stage show performed in 2009.


When Thomas makes a big mistake, all of the engines on the Island of Sodor must work together to prepare for the exciting event under the Big Top and Thomas must prove he's a really useful engine once again. With thrilling adventures along the way, Percy, James, Gordon, and Thomas join with Sir Topham Hatt and the townspeople from Sodor to welcome a colourful cast of circus performers in an engaging story that demonstrates the importance of friendship and cooperation.




  • Individual voice actors (including Ben Small and Keith Wickham) provide the voices for the engines.
  • This show marks Kuffy's only speaking role to date.
  • Gordon and James do not properly come out of the sheds. The likely reason is that it was too expensive to make working engines, as well as them being too big for most auditorium stages.


  • In some of the individual performances, Percy has James's whistle sound.
  • In some of the individual performances, you can hear James's whistle right before he comes out of the shed.
  • Some of the Fat Controller's actors have very visible hair, whereas the Fat Controller is bald.


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