“The driver won't choose you again. He wants big strong engines, like us.”
―The Big Engines to Edward[src]

98462 and 87546 were two blue tender engines who visited Sodor in 1923.


The Railway Series

In 1923, two blue engines without names, only known by their numbers - 87546 and 98462 - were sent to the North Western Railway on trial. They were horrid engines and were very spiteful and mean to poor Edward, Gordon, and Henry, so the Fat Director sent them away.[1]

The two engines stayed at Vicarstown Sheds during their visit, where they notably teased Edward for being small.[2]


98462 and 87546 were horrid engines who were very mean and spitful to the others.


98462 and 87546 are not based on any real locomotive class. Both engines resemble Gordon, but with round buffers and a few other visual differences. 87546 appears to have either a 2-6-0 or 2-6-2 wheel arangement, whereas 98462 might be a 4-6-0 or 4-6-2.


In the first illustration of Edward's Day Out, 98462 and 87546 are painted blue with brass boiler bands. In the second illustration, 87546 has red boiler bands and lining.



  • 98462 and 87546 are two of a number of background engines inserted into the Railway Series by William Middleton and C. Reginald Dalby. In 1963, a young reader from New Zealand named Ross wrote to the Rev. W Awdry who the then unnamed blue engines from the Three Railway Engines were and if they were featured in other stories. The Reverend invented an explanation that they were rude engines on trial who were quickly sent away.[3]


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