8783 was an engine from the London and North Eastern Railway. He/she appeared alongside Toby in the fourth illustration of Toby's Seaside Holiday.


No. 8783 was built in July 1923. He/she was around whilst Toby was working at Yarmouth Harbour as part of the London and North Eastern Railway. He/she was kept in immaculate condition as one of the dedicated Royal locomotives hauling the Royal Trains from Kings Cross to Wolferton for Sandringham. 8783 also had a copper capped chimney. However, despite his/her rank, 8783 was withdrawn from service in 1958 and scrapped the following year.


8783 was based on a Gresley-designed LNER D16/3 class "Claud Hamilton" locomotive of the same number. None survived into preservation. However, there is a project to build a new D16 class, run by the Claude Hamilton Locomotive Group. Interestingly, they have chosen to number the engine 8783 and intend to name it Phoenix. Molly is also based on this design.


8783 was painted in the London & North Eastern Railway's Apple Green livery. The letters "LNER" were written on his/her tender sides and the number "8783" was painted on the sides of his/her cab, both in yellow.


Railway Series


  • In the Railway Series, 8783 has a nameplate on his/her splasher, however the real 8783 did not have a name.


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