5 Episode Video is a UK VHS release from 2002. It includes one second season episode narrated by Ringo Starr, and two fourth season episodes and two fifth season episodes narrated by Michael Angelis.


Your Thomas Video contains the following 5 episodes.


  1. Woolly Bear - Percy enjoys helping at hay-making time, but sometimes he makes Thomas late. Thomas is cross until something happens which makes him most amused.
  2. You Can't Win - Holidaymakers to the Island liked riding in Duke's special train "The picnic". One evening though Duke feels unwell and has to be helped by Stuart and Falcon. Stuart teases Duke about this, but Duke gets his own back on Stuart by playing a trick on him.
  3. Rusty to the Rescue - In the Spring-time. Rusty the Diesel engine loves working on the line in a special valley far away. The Manager of the line needs another engine to help. Rusty decides to help and with advice from Oliver, the little diesel sets all to the other railway where only brave diesels dare to go.
  4. Something in the Air - Thomas fries up a tasty breakfast when a fish lands on his boiler Henry teases Thomas about his fishy smell but is sorry he did when he finds himself all at sea with a truck load of fish.
  5. Thomas and the Rumours - Children ask Thomas for his help when their playground gets closed down. Thomas is distracted though, by rumours that Harold is going to replace some of the engines. The children get a new playground with a little help from Gordon.


  • On the back cover, the description of Rusty to the Rescue said that Rusty got advice from Oliver when he actually got advice from Douglas.