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10 Stories from Thomas & Friends is a "Play-A-Sound" book of ten stories published by Publications International in 2000. The stories have lots of small icons to indicate which buttons to press at which point.


Trouble Near the Tracks

The country fair is being held on a beautiful spring day and Thomas is bringing a cow which he hopes will win first prize. However, Thomas notices Bertie in trouble and stops to help. Bertie has a flat tyre and Thomas stayed to help. Then James came along and noticed that the cow was wandering away. Thomas did not know what to do, but as James was bringing hay to the fair, he decided to help Thomas by bringing the cow. Thomas thanked James and stayed with Bertie until help arrived. The cow won first prize as the best cow in the county; Thomas and Bertie arrived and joined in with James and the happy crowd as they celebrated.

Harold Needs Help

When Harold woke up in the morning, he had a problem - his propeller could not turn the way it should. He told Sir Topham Hatt, who suggested that Thomas should take him to the repair shop near the seaside. Harold was put on a flatbed attached to Thomas and they set off to the seaside. Sir Topham Hatt was waiting at the workshop when Thomas and Harold arrived and Harold apologised to him, explaining how sorry he was that he could not work that day. Sir Topham Hatt said it was fine, as everyone gets sick or injured once in a while.

Thomas Races Percy

As Thomas and Percy had no work for the day, Sir Topham Hatt told them they could do whatever they wanted. Thomas suggested they should race to the seaside and Percy agreed. The engines took separate tracks, speeding towards the seaside. Percy zoomed in front, but Thomas soon caught up and overtook him. However, Thomas suddenly noticed a cow on the tracks and slowed to a stop. Percy roared past Thomas, yelling that he was going to win the race. Thomas wanted to win, but had done the right thing - safety first he told Percy.

James' New Paint

Thomas arrived at the train yard, smelling fresh paint. He asked Henry what the painters were working on and Henry told him that James was getting a new coat. Thomas was sad as he would have liked a new coat of paint. He set off to find James. Thomas found James and started telling him how much he would like a new coat of paint as well. Sir Topham Hatt overheard and explained to Thomas that he should not be upset - James was getting a new coat of paint as he had not been painted in a long time and had many rust spots and that Thomas should be happy that he does not need fixing. Thomas understood, was glad that he did not need fixing and was happy for James. As people heard what Thomas said, they all started to cheer for James!

Harold's Night-time Search

Henry was off to the seaside to pick up supplies from the cargo ships at the docks. However, he spotted a boulder on the track ahead and stopped quickly! He could not get past the boulder. As the sun began to set, Sir Topham Hatt noticed that Henry had not arrived at the seaside yet. He asked Harold to go and find Henry. Harold found Henry and picked the boulder up in a net. Henry then chuffed on his way to the seaside.

The Dangerous Shortcut

Thomas was late getting back to the train yard, but wanted to figure out a way to get back in time, so that Sir Topham Hatt would not think he was unreliable. He decided to take a shortcut he had heard about. While he was steaming along, he noticed the tracks ahead looked dangerous and tried to slow down. Though it was too late; he slid off the tracks and into a ditch. Luckily, Percy was going past on the regular tracks and saw what had happened. Percy pulled him out of the ditch and back onto the rails. Thomas promised never to use the shortcut again and said he knew that he should not travel on old tracks.

Henry Teaches a Lesson

Thomas and Percy were very excited as Sir Topham Hatt had decided that they should follow Henry, so they could learn about the docks and how to be safe there. Henry met up with Thomas and Percy and soon they arrived at the seaside. Henry tried to show them where to put the cargo, but Thomas said that he and Percy already knew what to do. Henry chugged off to a safe area, while Thomas and Percy stayed where the cranes were loading crates off from the ships. All of a sudden, one of the cranes dropped a crate. Henry shouted at the two engines to look out and the crate smashed onto the ground just in front of Thomas. Thomas realised that Henry was right and that he should always try and learn from more experienced engines.

Thomas Rescues Percy

Thomas was feeling sad as he always saw Harold helping others out when they were in trouble. He thought that he was not as good as Harold. Sir Topham Hatt saw that Thomas was sad and told him that he was a Really Useful Engine and that he had a very important job for Thomas to do. Percy was stuck in a tunnel after he ran out of coal and Harold could not help him - Thomas is the only one who can. Thomas raced off to help Percy and soon found him stuck in the tunnel. Percy thanked him as he coupled on and pulled him out of the tunnel. As Thomas rescued Percy, Harold called down to congratulate him - they were both useful, he said.

Bertie Saves the Day

Sir Topham Hatt was in a good mood and decided that today would be a good day for a music festival. He asked Thomas to bring all of the musicians to Tidmouth station. Thomas picked up several trucks loaded with musicians, instruments and wooden planks to build the stage. But when he was on his way to the site of the festival, disaster struck - one of his wheels broke! Bertie saw what happened to Thomas and suggested to have the music festival out in the countryside, where Thomas had broken down. Thomas agreed and Bertie raced off to Tidmouth to collect all the people. Bertie soon came back and the music festival was under way.

Sir Topham Hatt's Birthday

Sir Topham Hatt was alone in his office and noticed that something was not right - the engines had finished their work for the day, but he could still hear Thomas, Percy, Henry and James puffing around. Suddenly, Lady Hatt knocked on his door and told him to come outside quickly, because something was wrong. He jumped up and ran out the door, only to see all the engines and workmen standing outside cheering. "Happy Birthday Sir Topham Hatt" they all yelled. Lady Hatt apologised to Sir Topham Hatt for tricking him, but Sir Topham Hatt said it was OK - he had had the best surprise ever!



  • Although the picture and button for the seaside is of Bulstrode, he is not featured in any of the stories.


  • Henry and Percy don't appear to have wheel spokes.
  • The engines' eyebrows keep disappering and reappearing.
  • Henry's siderods are incompletely drawn.
  • The text for "Thomas Rescues Percy" says He(Percy) ran out of fuel, Percy's a steam engine and he runs on coal and water therefore he doesn't run on fuel.
  • In the illustration of "James' New Paint", There is no coal in James' tender, his siderods are also missing in the same pic.
  • All the steam engines have different whistles.


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